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Prices and Scheduling

Pricing and Scheduling

Austin pet sitting and dog walking prices

Southpaws at Home uses Time to Pet, an Austin-based pet sitting software program that was designed with input from a cadre of Austin pet sitters and dog walkers. The program is easy to use. Once we have a home visit and service contract completed, your pets will be entered into our system, and you will be ready to schedule your first pet sit or dog walk.

From your laptop, phone or mobile device, you will be able to schedule visits, revise service requests and view and pay invoices. You can receive text messages and photos directly from your pet’s care provider. Time to Pet utilizes GPS tracking so that you can be sure that your pets are getting the superb care that Southpaws at Home promises.


Our pricing structure is simple for a reason: it’s easier for you as the client and for us as care givers.

All pet sitting visits, pop in visits and mid-day visits are priced the same for everyone, regardless of the number of pets in your home. We spend the time that we need to take care of your furry family members.

We do not charge extra for taking care of senior pets, giving medication or special feeding requests.

If you have a request that is out of the ordinary, please let us know. We would be happy to accommodate your extra special requests at a reasonable rate.



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Pet sitting

$22.50 per visit

Pop in for well-check or meds

$15.00 per visit

Mid-day dog walk or Evening dog walk

$15.00 per visit

Dog walk

$17.50 per mile

Overnight stay

$15.00 per hour

Taxi service

$12.50 per day

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